Another service of Amenity Zlin Wellness Hotel, except for accommodation and massages, is also sauna and sauna world. Do you know the origin of the word “sauna”? And how about its single stages?

Origin of the word “sauna”

“Sauna” is originally Finnish word, which stands for a small room used to warm a body above the normal body temperature. Sauna is isolated from its surroundings very well. It is panelled with wood and there is a sauna stove inside the sauna. Thanks to the stove, sauna can be heated up to the temperature from 60 – 120 °C.

Sauna Zlín and stages of having sauna

Sauna should be visited after a thorough body cleansing and drying for the warmth to have a limitless effect on the skin. In case of “cold feet”, sauna should be visited after a warm bath. Sauna and sauna world Zlin were made in the way, so that the organism can have rest. Even for this reason, you should not spend there more than 10 minutes. Should you not feel well during this period of time, you are recommended to leave the sauna.

Sauna and cooling stage

Cooling stage follows right after having sauna. It includes slow pouring of the body with water from the bottom part to the top, mostly using a shower, which is our sauna world equipped with. Only after that follows cooling in the cooling pool and having a rest in the relaxation room for about the same time for which sauna was having a warm effect on your body. After a thorough cooling, sauna Zlin can be visited for the second, third time, as you wish.

Sauna Zlin and fluid intake

Refill the fluids which sauna had taken by drinking mineral water or fruit juice. Beer and coffee are not recommended.Our sauna world Zlin offers you the possibility to refill these fluids in a bar which is next to it.

Invitation to visit us

Come to visit our Amenity Zlin Wellness Hotel and Guest House, part of which is also our sauna and sauna world Zlin or our massages. Spoil yourself with peaceful moments you can enjoy in our sauna. Refill the fluids in our cafe bar and stay in our great hotel. It makes no difference if you are on a family or business trip. Our Amenity Zlin Wellness Hotel and Guest House offer you pleasant moments spent in relaxation after hard days of work.

Our sauna and sauna world is here only just for you

The minimum age for entering the SPA is 15. Younger guests are welcome at specifically designated hours (on Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm) and have to be accompanied by an adult.The access to the entire SPA zone is for health and sanitary reasons allowed only without swimsuit.

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