Resting in the whirlpool is a popular part of relaxation. A combination of underwater massage by air and massage by water currents affect the body. Muscles relax, stress is relieved and immunity of the body is improved. Whirlpool treatments benefit the musculoskeletal system and strengthen musculature. However, the most important part is taking your mind off things, physical and mental relaxation. The overall relaxing atmosphere at our facility is complemented by a view at the atrium with a Japanese garden.

Relaxační místnostRelaxation room

To reach the ultimate relaxation of the body and introduce a harmonic state of the physical and the psychological part of the body, we prepared a relaxation room. This stylish relaxation place is equipped with traditional deckchairs and very pleasant waterbeds. Soft tones of relaxation music will help expel stress from your subconscious. Just let the time pass and you will get it back in the form of improved vitality and spiritual balance.

Finnish saunaFinnish sauna

Time spent in the KLAFS PROFI sauna is an outstanding experience for any sauna aficionado. Saunas in general are beneficial for people’s health and are a great means of preventing diseases. Regular sessions in sauna improve your immunity and decrease the possibility of sickness. An intensive sweating is induced during a sauna session. By sweating, the skin releases toxins from the body and metabolism is accelerated. Even the most demanding sauna enthusiasts will be satisfied. And for those who come for their first sauna session, the experience will become an inseparable part of a relaxation stay. The temperature in the sauna reaches 90 – 100 °C.

SanariumKLAFS sanarium

If you find traditional Finnish sauna too hot or too dry, we have a perfect alternative for you. It is the KLAFS sanarium – a combination of a traditional dry sauna and a steam bath accompanied by relaxing music. The regulated humidity of air may reach as high as 55% and it is perfect for relaxation and rest. Alternation of heat and cold reinforces immunity and blood flow of the human body, and the client’s physical and mental strength are put in balance. The temperature of the sanarium is 55 – 60 °C.

Salt steam bathSalt steam bath

The steam bath is made up by an intelligent system of steam distribution which provides an optimum climate at a temperature of 45 – 50 °C. Simultaneous inhalation of salt has very positive effects on the body, just like a seaside vacation. The salt cleanses the skin, stimulates blood circulation, and tones down respiratory problems. Tiny drops of mist are absorbed into the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Herbal steam bathHerbal steam bath

The positive effects of steam were recognized as early as in Ancient Rome times. The mixture of steam and aromatic essences helps release accumulated physical and mental tension and has excellent results with the respiratory tract and skin. By improving circulation, it helps the body to free itself of fatigue, stress and depression. The chief result of herbal steam bath session is a feeling of overall relaxation, refreshing, and invigoration of the body. The steam in combination with a mixture of herbs also widens pores and clears the body of toxic substances, thus giving the skin a soft, silky appearance.

Cooling pool

Icy water literally provides the body with reinvigorating freshness after a session in sauna. Our facility offers not only a cooling pool but also icy rain with its primary effect of relief from physical strain. The main goal of cooling is to lower the elevated body temperature to its original level – a process accompanied by increasing content of oxygen in blood. Heat helps the client relax – both physically and mentally – and the application of a cooling element makes the client feel refreshed.

Kneipp walk

The Kneipp walk is becoming more and more popular among the guests of our wellness centre. It is based on an active massage of acupressure points on the soles of feet using small round stones and body weight. A major role – a sensory role – is played by alternating between warm and cold water. This therapy is suitable for headaches and the “cold feet” syndrome (when clients feel their feet lose natural warmth). It has strong positive effects on circulation, improves blood flow in limbs, and the body gets used to thermal treatments in an easy-going, undemanding way.


A good wellness centre simply can’t go without a bar with a wide selection of beverages and pleasant staff. Steady intake of liquids and vitamins is essential especially during sauna sessions. The excellent services of our SPA bar are at your disposal at any time – that means also during treatments.


The meaning of the word AMENITY is no longer a secret to you now – it is the beauty of life.

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